Care for your pearls

Good maintenance:

  • Hydrate them because they are made of 2% water.
  • Wear them regularly.
  • If the pearls are stored in a safe of dry place, take the precaution of adding a glass of water next to them and take them out from time to time.
  • Clean them with a soft cloth or a sponge towel slightly moistened with water. (A microfiber cloth for glasses also works well)

Things to avoid:

  • Letting them get in contact with acids and chemicals (perfumes, cosmetics, sweat, chlorinated water, etc.)
  • Leaving them in the closet, pearls need minimal exposure to light.
  • Storing them near hot spot or directly sunlight.
  • Putting them in the jewellery box or wearingthem with other harder jewellery (stones, metal…) which could scratch them.
  • Cleaning them with products for gold or silver
  • Using oils to hydrate them.

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